Uncommon Prayer

Persea Books, 2014

“A most welcome addition to this ongoing, probably neverending pursuit of what Eliot himself called ‘next year’s words.’ ”

Mark Jarman

“It is compelling the whole way through and for a long time after.”

David Thacker

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A Metaphorical God

Persea Books, 2008

“She’s a polyphonic prestidigitator, a virtuoso of the vibrant heart, and — stunning in our fallen world — a genuine metaphysician, with all the healing aptitude the word implies.”

— Linda Gregerson

“Dazzling….She writes with Milton open at her elbow but with the real dirt of a real Utah under her fingertips.”

The Yale Review

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Leviathan with a Hook

Persea Books, 2002

“It is a beautiful book, and an unusual one … Its remarkable lucidity, its seductive energy, its lushness, and its music form a vision in which the real and the transcendental are indistinguishable.”

Mark Strand

“No other poet writing today gives as she does, like a spirit of harvest, so much of the fragrant, astonishing, living and dying world, and makes it so sweetly and sternly known.”

Allen Grossman

“Wild, inventive, hungry, celebratory … These poems fear neither glory nor ruin.”

Rosanna Warren

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Recent Books

Hesiod's Theogony and Works and Days: A Bilingual Edition

Uncommon Prayer

"With the fine artistry, precision, erudition, wit, and lexical magic we have come to expect from Johnson."

Michael Sowder, 15 Bytes

Made Flesh: Sacrament and Poetics in Post-Reformation England

"Kimberly Johnson's dual identity as scholar and poet animates this strikingly original book—not only in its limpid, lively prose, but also in its resonant reappraisal of a seemingly familiar subject. Early modern devotional poetry has often been analyzed in terms of its theological and ecclesiological contexts; the real strength and purchase of Johnson's book lies in its integration of this contextual material with a searching investigation of the formal strategies of poetry as such."

Molly Murray, Columbia University

Before the Door of God: An Anthology of Devotional Poetry

"The painstaking work of two poet-scholars, Jay Hopler and Kimberly Johnson, the collection promises to be a crucial source text for scholars, a course text for students and a manual for seekers who wish to find prayers that fit their condition and cast of mind."

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Virgil's Georgics: A Poem of the Land

"Kimberly Johnson's superbly colourful, rhythmic and readable new translation...finds a way of feeding the Virgilian strain of English verse – from Milton to Wordsworth and beyond – back into her lines."

The Independent (UK)
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